Dust Bowl Faeries

Dust Bowl Faeries, Indie Artist

"Working with Kevin has been incredible. He's always ahead of the game, checking up on the band, updating posts and events, touching base about details — sometimes he's more on top of our music schedule than I am! His posts sound just like how we would have written them, without the typos! Dust Bowl Faeries have donned Kevin our Facebook Faerie and we consider him to be a part of our Dark Carnival music team."

Led by the multitalented Ryder Cooley, Hudson, NY-based Dust Bowl Faeries have four full-lengths and two EPs' worth of eclectic and dark indie folk/rock with a cabaret and steampunk vibe. "At once winsome and terrifying, charming and bold" is just one colourful praise of the five-piece.

Ruth Blake

Ruth Blake, Folk Artist

"It was a real blessing to have Kevin on my PR team for my recent single release. He was friendly, efficient and delivered exactly what he said he would deliver, consistently. I felt that he was present and involved the whole time and took a lot of weight off my shoulders, really helping me to make the most of the PR I was doing. Thank you Kevaroo."

British darling Ruth Blake went from the optimistic folk sweetness of 2021's "Brave Ships" to the rage-filled, electronic-vibed "Not Your Angel" in 2023, to only reference her singles' sonic range. The Somerset-based artist also has two full-length albums behind her.

Soft Set

Soft Set, Dream Pop Artist

"Kevin has been an absolute pleasure to work with. His responsiveness and attention to detail was an integral part of the success for our first EP campaign. He's always been there to provide guidance on how to make our online presence a better one, and we benefited greatly from his expertise!"

Toronto-based Nathan Athay and James Gray are lifelong friends who debuted as Soft Set in 2020 with the Love and Dancing EP. It's since been followed by 2022 debut full-length Still Life, a main-course serving of the duo's textural awesomeness.

Cat Dowling

Cat Dowling, Indie Pop Artist

"I am so happy to work with Kevin. He is a dynamic, hardworking and a genuine master of all social media platforms, working efficiently and with incredible ease. He has been incredibly patient with me and managed to build my online presence; prior to, I was all but absent from social media."

Dynamic Dubliner Cat Dowling made a grand return with 2021 sophomore album Animals, eight years after acclaimed debut The Believer. The often-dark sound almost belies her beautiful and resonant vocals, considered by many to be among Ireland's finest.

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