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Modern-Day Websites: Do What You Want, Keep Function in Mind

Surfing the Internet on mobile devices has overtaken doing so on actual computers — a while ago, in fact.

It’s crazy to think about, but that’s really how it goes in 2019 with smartphones and tablets being as ubiquitous and awesome as they are. That said, the concept of mobile-first web design has a lot of traction. Are you wondering what the difference is between that and responsive design? Well, they do the same thing but start from opposite places:

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Kevin Bottaro

Founder’s Story

Points Cobra is the true beginning of my second career path.

Before starting this venture I spent 12 years working in the radio industry, time that I wouldn’t trade for anything but still needed to bring to an end. I was about to start over in my early 30s, which was — and still is — an exciting yet scary thing.

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