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Client Spotlight: Little Fox Services

Little Fox Services is a Wabasca, Alberta, Canada-based company that specializes in medical, security and safety. As a 100% Indigenous business — owned and operated — Little Fox serves those communities with the special expertise and care they deserve, along with simply being very skilled in a variety of facets. Here is Director/EMS Manager George White on what Little Fox does, and special values held as an Indigenous-focused venture.

Little Fox provides a number of services, but what do you consider the core of the business?

Our core business is medical, security and safety services at the moment.  

The company is based in Alberta but does business beyond the region. Besides that province/Western Canada, what markets have you done the most work in?

So we have done work in mainly Alberta and BC. We are looking at going to work outside of Canada for drone services but it’s contract based. Markets are oil and gas, and electricity.  

Talk about the importance of your joint-venture partnerships.

The joint partnerships allow us to expand our business outside of what we do. Right now we have one year-round contract with Spur Petroleum (our bread and butter). The importance is that joint venture partnerships allow us to get Indigenous/Metis/Inuit people trained and working. 

What are the unique benefits and challenges of being Indigenous owned and operated, as well as focused?

A lot of industry is skeptical about hiring Indigenous companies due to lack of insight, failures and business acumen. We are a small company (less than 10 people) so we have challenges hiring and growing up, and building and raising capital.

As we settle into 2020, what is Little Fox hoping to accomplish over the next year?

Little Fox Services is in discussion with a couple of clients over financial backing, and possibly investors. We are looking to expand our services and clients, and have several partnerships and affiliates we are working with to expand our business growth and diversify portfolio. Little Fox also just joined the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, so we hope we can expand our reputation as an Indigenous company and grow.

How has Points Cobra helped you?

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