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Social Posting: More Than Just Max Audience

Posting on social media when you have the largest audience obviously makes sense.

You want the most eyes possible on your content, which can lead to more interaction, which can lead to the algorithm — because why just have things in chronological order, right? — putting your pages in people’s feeds more often. But, it also shouldn’t be just a blanket practice either.

The way you post depends on more than just having your largest audience share. The topic, and whether it’s specifically for a certain audience is really the key. You might find your largest, say, Facebook numbers at 6pm on a Thursday, but the latest post might be for people in a certain region. If it’s the middle of the night there at that sweet spot, it would make more sense to post when those people are awake.

If you’re asking people to do something (read an article, etc.), why not post when they’ll best be able to? At their lunchtime or early evening would let them devote more time to your request, and that goes for when you’re asking a question too. General reminders and random thoughts can go whenever really (and those are going to happen more on Twitter than other networks).

Posting outside your peak audience time is also nice for those who aren’t usually on then. It gives them a chance to see and interact with your content, and that way you’re including all your fans.

The circled people deserve love too!

Scheduling posts is another thing to consider different times for, because you want to keep things as realistic as possible. If you’re unable to respond to interaction because you’re asleep, otherwise occupied, etc., why not have those posts go live when you can follow up on them? You don’t have to remember to post, but you can be there for anything that comes. That’s good!

Posting with your peak audience is ideal of course, but the fact is the sample size of interaction is likely to remain similar no matter when you post. Keeping the topic and any specific target audience in mind (when applicable) will do you better than ALWAYS posting at 6pm on a Thursday. It’s a practice I do with Points Cobra’s clients, and I consider it a varied, focused and realistic approach. Something for anyone often beats something for everyone.

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