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Client Spotlight: Johanna Kuvaja

To me, this blog can and should do two things equally: highlight both what Points Cobra can do for you, and the clients that make it what it is. With the latter in mind, the debut “Client Spotlight” feature is here: Finnish pop singer Johanna Kuvaja.

Kuvaja released her debut single “Shower” back in August. A catchy, throwback-inspired offering, “Shower” is both the true story of naughty flirting and a metaphor for washing away the past to start something new and exciting. Here she is on overcoming challenges and following your dreams.

You had a musical background prior to being a pop artist. What was it?

I have a master’s degree in music so I am a certified music teacher by occupation. I have a long history of working in music in collaboration with various renowned Finnish musicians, winning music-composing competitions and touring the country as a duo and pop orchestra.

What is the music scene like overall in Tampere/Finland?

We have a lot going on in Tampere. For instance, we have the Music and Media event, which is a great venue for connecting with other professional people who work in the music industry. We also have a huge stadium and many international superstars perform here, for instance Bon Jovi and Robbie Williams.

Beyond the true story of flirtation over Skype, you consider “Shower” a metaphor for washing away the past and starting fresh. Can you elaborate on any connection between them?

I changed my life completely. I was married with 3 kids and we had a perfect house, and I had a steady job as a classroom teacher and music teacher, but then we learned that our house was full of toxic mold, as well as the school I worked at. I had many weird symptoms and health problems for years and I didn’t know why. Our family became sick too and we had to tear our house down, and we lost everything we had. I tried to keep our family together and make sure my kids got better, and after the situation stabilized again, I became depressed.

During my sick leave from school I turned to music to make me feel better. I found my true passion and life purpose this way. I realized that I wasn’t truly happy with my life, and I got divorced, quit my job and decided to take a leap of faith and pursue a music career again. Changing the course of your life is possible at any given day if you choose to. You just have to give yourself permission to do that, and realize that you have no obligation towards your former self.

You are working on at least two new singles. What can you mention about them right now, and are there any plans for a full EP/album?

I’m going to release a ballad at the end of January; it’s called “Back for Good”. It’s actually the first song I produced, but I was little bit unsure about releasing it, so I decided to wait. Now [Sefi Carmel] mixed my song again, and it sounds much better, so I’m happy that I decided to wait.

I’ll be going to London to record my third song in December with Sefi. The song is called “Wanna Make Love to You”. All my songs are totally different sound-wise and I’m excited to show people different sides of me and my music :). I’ll be doing more songs in the future no matter what. This is my passion. The only problem is that it’s costing a lot, and since I’m an indie artist, it might take a little bit more time for me to do that.

If you could accomplish anything with your musical career, what would it be?

My goal is to produce all the songs that I have composed, bring joy to people and make a living out of this. I’d love to compose songs for other artists as well.

I don’t have any other goals. I don’t crave fame or publicity, but in this business it’s obligatory. I just hope to be able to do what I love, and support my kids by doing this. That’s my dream.

How has Points Cobra helped you?

Point Cobra has been an amazing help. I’m really lazy when it comes to posting, so it’s awesome that I have an online presence because of your service. My Facebook music page hit 10,000 likes just recently (within a few months), and we’re growing all the time. It’s also important to thank everyone who’s publishing something about me, so Points Cobra has been wonderful for doing that.

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