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Creator Studio: No More Time for Your Lack of Use!

Creator Studio has been around for most of the year on Facebook and Instagram, but I have been simply using the two as per usual until yesterday.

It was then that I literally scheduled one Facebook post on a page itself, went to another page to do another one and…the schedule option was gone:

Schedule option gone

That was an odd, real-time moment. You can actually choose Save Draft and then schedule from there right on the page, but it looks like now Creator Studio is where you otherwise have to go to schedule posts.

Creator Studio is handy because all the pages you manage are right there, including insights and all that jazz. A REALLY nice thing about it, too, is you can do something that previously could only be done with third-party services: schedule Instagram!

It’s only the regular feed and IGTV right now (no Stories), and sadly you can’t edit something already done (you have to just go to Insta itself, or delete entirely and start over in Creator Studio), but that’s pretty cool. Combining the lack of scheduling with Instagram’s caption-formatting issue has always annoyed me, and surely many others.

Consolidation and streamlining are definitely (usually) good things, so if Creator Studio wants to start forcing you to use it that’s cool. Obviously it’s beneficial for Points Cobra and the client roster, so I’m down. You can check out this Newsfeed article for a bit more too.

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