Points Cobra's Story

Technology has made the world a much smaller place. No matter where you are, being online means being just a click or two away from where you want to be. When your website, social media pages and beyond can market yourself all over the planet from your living room, a coffee shop or anywhere, that’s the key. Points Cobra is all about bringing people to you.

As for the name itself, "Points" refers to the various Internet locations being covered, while "Cobra" refers to actually covering them (and just sounds cool, right?). Wherever you need to strike, Points Cobra is here to help.

Promoting Creativity: A Points Cobra Pledge

The creative arts can be a tough industry to make a living in, and the changing business and technological landscapes have seen detrimental effects on it. In response, many artists are foregoing websites altogether, among other things — something I've personally seen a lot of as a former radio personality and music blogger. Regardless, it’s still vital to have a digital space to call your own. You can have an online presence that helps you be you in the most maximizing way possible, and you can have it for a reasonable price. Creative arts have a special place in Points Cobra's heart, and are served at your pleasure.

Kevin Bottaro,
Founder, Points Cobra